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RAM® Mounts offers a wide variety of bases and device cradles to enhance your blogging or video blogging setup. From adhesive, drill-down, and suction cup bases to popular cradles like the RAM® X-Grip® for phones and tablets, RAM® is an easy choice for bloggers and vloggers. Unlike other mounts, you can swap out individual components to truly customize your mounting solution. Explore the full line of RAM® blogging and vlogging mounts below.



RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with RAM® Tough-Claw Small Clamp Base


RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount with RAM® Twist-Lock Suction Cup


RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with RAM® Twist-Lock Suction Cup Base


RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with RAM® Tough-Claw Small Clamp Base


RAM® Tough-Claw Double Ball Mount with Universal Action Camera Adapter


RAM® Twist-Lock Suction Cup Mount with Universal Action Camera Adapter


RAM® Ball Adapter for GoPro® Bases with Universal Action Camera Adapter


RAM® Triple Magnetic Double Ball Mounts 1/4"-20 Threaded Stud


RAM® Ball Adapter with Round Plate and 1/4"-20 Threaded Stud


RAM® Double Socket Arm


RAM® Twist-Lock Triple Suction Cup Ball Base


RAM® Tripod Base with Ball


RAM® Adjustable Tripod with Carrying Bag


RAM® Ball Base with Hex Hole for Photo Post


RAM® Ball Base with Photo Post


RAM® Tough-Clamp Large Base with Ball

Phone Mounts

With a variety of cradles and holders, RAM® supports a wide range of phones including Samsung Galaxy and iPhone devices. Popular holders like the RAM® X-Grip®, RAM® Quick-Grip, and form-fit holders provide access to your device’s ports and buttons. Together with a RAM® base, these mounts are highly adjustable and keep your phone secure and accessible when in use.

Action Camera Mounts

No matter where you’re recording, depend on RAM® for the best action camera mounting experience. Create a mounting system for nearly any camera with the universal action camera adapter. The RAM® double ball and socket system allows for near-infinite adjustments and vibration damping.

DSLR Camera Mounts

RAM® provides a variety of mounting solutions for larger cameras like DSLRs. Any camera utilizing a ¼”-20 thread is compatible with the RAM® 1” rubber ball base and 2.5” diameter round plate. This mount allows you to attach your camera to a wide range of RAM® mounting bases to give your DSLR camera extra support and stability.

Photo Accessories

The RAM® ball and socket system can be integrated with third-party accessories for a number of uses. Gain more versatility for your lighting accessories, or utilize a RAM® double ball mount between the head of your tripod and a video dolly for near-infinite adjustability. No matter the kind of setup you have for photos or video, chances are that RAM® mounting solutions can enhance your experience.

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