Make Your Customers

Make your customers smile! A simple but powerful way of thinking about any business. This is the driving force behind the reward programs we create for the world’s largest brands!
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The World's Largest Reward Program Provider

Active Reward Programs
We have thousands of live programs of different sizes, from small local stores to billion dollar businesses.
Participating Members
Our programs have more than 100 million participants around the world. Chances are you are already a member of one of these programs.
Partner Agencies
We partner with the best agencies, platforms, and tech across the globe. Together we are strong!

We Have Come A Long Way

Our Start
We started as Sweet Tooth Rewards in 2012 and powered points based loyalty programs on the Magento platform.
The Early Days
We grew our points programs in the Magento ecosystem to power over 3,000 live programs on the platform.
The Expansion
In 2014 we expanded our points based loyalty programs to include two of the most popular ecommerce platforms: Shopify and BigCommerce. Since then we have over 100,000 live programs using
In 2017 we rebranded to become and began to power reward programs of all different kinds. Our goal is to allow any business to reward their customers and make them smile :)

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We Would Love to Talk

We love conversations, and would love to have one with you! Whether you’re looking for a speaker, an awesome career, or want to get started with a rewards program, we would love hear from you.